TK & Kindergarten Curriculum

2017-2018 Academic School Year ISSD Transitional Kindergarten Curriculum

English / Language ArtsMathScienceSocial Studies
Letters A, B sounds and wordsNumbers 1-2, 1-4, 5-8WeatherClassroom and School Rules
Letter wallNumbers 9-10, 1-10, 11-12Bats / Nocturnal AnimalsAll about me, Empathy-20
Letters C, D, E, F sounds and wordsNumbers 13-14, 15-16, 17-18Shadows, Dinosaur LandFriends Community Helper: Police Officer
Letters G, H, I, J sounds and wordsNumbers 19-20, 1-20Creepy crawlers, FootprintsFirefighter, Fire safety
Letters K, L sounds and wordsShapes Circle, Square, Oval, StarHealthy veggies, Brown bearsManners, Fantastic families
Letters M, N, O, P sounds and wordsShapes Rectangle, Moon-CrescentFive senses, Cooking safetyGiving thanks, Store manners
Letters Q, R, S, T sounds and wordsShapes Diamonds / RhombusSnow, Ice, CloudsFeelings, Restaurant worker
Letters U, V, W sounds and wordsShapes Pentagon / OppositesPolar animals, My bodyFairy tales, Book exchange
Letters X, Y, Z sounds and wordsShapes Hexagon / OctagonPancake breakfastBaker, Doctor, Dentist
Beginning reading 3-letter reading booksShapes Trapezoid, Quatrefoil, EllipseHealthy hearts and cookie shopImagination, Super smiles, Cookie shop
Colors Red, Green, BlackInsects, bugs, under the seaPostal worker, Post Office
Colors Orange, Brown, YellowRainbows, GardeningMail, stamps, addresses
Colors White, Pink, BlueLadybug and butterfly cycleSilly Seuss, Rhyme time, Pizza place
Colors Purple, Gray, Silver, GoldNature, Recycling, ConservationLibrarian, Farmer, Veterinarian
Color mixingJungle animals, Zoo themesAlphabet animals, Art Show
Outer space

2017-2018 Academic School Year ISSD Kindergarten Curriculum

English / Language ArtsMathScienceSocial Studies
Start SmartRepresent, Count and write numbers 1 to 5Physical SciencesFollow the rules
We are Special FamiliesCardinality, counting and Algebraic ThinkingProperties of materials observed, measured & predictedWork together, why do we have rules
High Frequency Words, PhonicsCompare numbers to 5 hands onWater (liquid or solid)Critical thinking skills, solve a problem
Reading DRASame number, Greater than, Less thanWater evaporatesA Good Citizen
FriendsRepresent, Count and write numbers 6 to 9Life Sciences: Plants & AnimalsMain idea and details
TransportationRepresent and compare numbers to 10Parts of a tree , leaves, rootsMy country, The Flag that we wave
Food and Food chainAddition, model and draw addition problemsEarth Sciences:Map of our country, symbols of US
Animals, MammalsSubtraction, write subtraction sentencesLand, Air & Water conceptsStatue of Liberty, This is our State
Fish, Reptiles, BirdsRepresent, Count and write numbers 11 to 20Characteristics of Mountains, Rivers, Oceans, ValleysSymbols of CA, Workers at school
Comprehension & Cause and EffectGeometry and PositionsChanges in weather Water cycleRead a school map, jobs in the community
NeighborhoodThree-Dimensional ShapesResources from Earth ConservationChart & Graph skills, read a picture graph
WeatherMeasurement and DataFive senses Observe common objectsWorking for money, make a choice
PlantsClassify and sort dataThe properties Positions of objectsJobs today and long ago, Booker T Washington
Amazing CreationsCompare lengths, heights and weightsComparison and sorting by physical attributesCategorize and Classify where we live
Stories of the Past