Social Studies Curriculum

2017-2018 Academic School Year ISSD Middle School Social Studies Curriculum

6th Social Studies8th American History
Ancient Civilization, Early PeopleAmerican Roots Colonies to Nation
The beginning, tools, early human cultureCreating the Constitution First Steps
The beginning of CivilizationThe Era of Thomas Jefferson
Middle East & MesopotamiaA Changing Nation
Ancient EgyptNorth and South Take Different Paths
The Ancient Hebrews and JudaismAn Age of Reform
The Early Civilization of India & HinduismWestward Expansion
A Comprehensive study of BuddhismThe Nation Divided The Civil War
Study India's EmpireReconstruction and the New South
The Rise of Civilization in ChinaThe West Transformed
The Ancient Greeks, Religion, Arts & LearningIndustry and Urban Growth
Greece and PersiaPolitical Reform and the Progressive Era
The Roman Republic, Empire, AchievementsThe United States Looks Overseas
ChristianityUnited States in the Modern World: Epilogue