Science Curriculum

2017-2018 Academic School Year ISSD Elementary Science Curriculum

Engineering and DesignInvestigation & ExperimentationIntroduction:Energy for Life and GrowthThe Scientific Method
Engineering and TechnologyInvestigation skills, Graph usageGetting ready for the ScienceEcosystemsEarth Sciences:
Physical Science:Describe position and motionAdaptationRocks and MineralsThe Water Cycle
SoundGravity, MagnetsBuild a Diorama (Habitat)Waves and WindWeather
LightLife Science:Physical Science:Water and IceLife Sciences:
Life Sciences:Animal & Plant life cyclesEnergy & MatterElectricity and MagnetismStructures of Living Things
PlantEarth Science:LightPhysical Sciences
Living Things and Their YoungRocks and mineralsPlanetsElements and Compounds
Earth and Space ScienceTypes of soilEarth Science:
Objects and Patterns in the SkyFossils, Natural resourcesThe Solar System

2017-2018 Academic School Year ISSD MS Science Curriculum

Investigation and ExperimentationCell Structure and FunctionThe Nature of Matter
Shaping Earth SurfaceCell ProcessesSolids, Liquids & Gases
Weathering and Soil, Erosion and DepositionGeneticsElements and the Periodic Table
Plate TectonicsModern GeneticsAtoms and Bonding
EarthquakesEvoluationChemical Reactions
VolcanoesStructure and Function in PlantsAcids and Solitions
The AtmosphereStructure and Function in VertebratesCarbon Chemistry
Climate ChangeBones and MusclesMotion and Energy
EcosystemsCirculation and RespirationForces in Fluids
LivingResourcesNervous SystemThe Solar System
Energy and Material ResourcesThe Endocrine SystemStars, Galaxies and the Universe
Human Body Systems