Islamic Studies Curriculum

2017-2018 Academic School Year ISSD Islamic Studies Curriculum KG-2nd Grade

Kindergarten1st Grade2nd Grade
Six pillars of FaithAllah, our great CreatorTaqwa: I think of Allah first, Allah sees me all the time
Obeying and loving AllahSix pillars of FaithThe story of Adam (as) and His sons
Holy books, Prophets and AngelsMy great Prophet (Muhammad sas)
Respecting parents, teachers and elders
Manners of eating & drinking, speaking, sleeping and bathroomWorshipping of Allah, Five pillars of Islam
Manners of Masjid (entering, praying, leaving)
Good manners (Patience, sharing, helping, truthfulness, honesty, kindness)Wudoo, Salah names & times, How to PrayImportance of learning
Shahadah, Pillars of IslamRamadan Fasting, Hajj-Pilgrimage, Zakah-Charity
I am seven: I pray on time
Wudoo, Salah names and times, Jumuah Prayer
Duaas of eating & drinking, bathroom, sleeping, transportationThikr after Salah
Ramadan Fasting, Hajj, Zakah-Charity, Two EidsThe Prophet’s family, childhood, Prophethood, Sahabah (His followers)Muhammad: The praised child, orphan
Salah duaas, Tasbihat after Prayer
Prophets Ibrahim, Nuh, HudAs-Sadiq Al-Amin: The truthful, the trusted
Prophet Muhammad’s family, His life up to 8 yearsStory of Adam and Iblees
Khadijah (ra): The happy marriage
Prophets Adam, Younus, Ibrahim and Ismail
Holy Cities (Makkah, Madinah, Quds-Jerusalem)Story of Prophets Nuh, Younus, Saleh, Ibrahim
Companions: Zaid b. Harithah, Bilal ibn Rabah
Eid and Masajid around the world

2017-2018 Academic School Year ISSD Islamic Studies Curriculum 3rd-5th Grade

3rd Grade4th Grade5th Grade
What is Iman, Allah’s Angels, Books and MessengersBrotherhood in Islam and helping othersTawheed: Oneness of Allah
The Day of Judgment, Al-Qadar: The Fate
Family of Faith (Ibrahim, Ismail, Ishaq, Yaqoob, Yousuf)The faith of all Prophets
Cleanliness and Purity in IslamProphet Muhammad in Madina (Hijrah, Badr, Uhud)Away from tawheed (Shirk, Kufr, Nifaaq)
Good manners (Cooperation, perseverance, respect, truthfulness)Praying the Prophet’s way (Daily Prayers, Sunnah, Jumuah)Al-Asma Al-Husna (Beautiful names of Allah)
Wudoo, Salah, Salatul-Jama’ah, ThikrFasting in Ramadan (Siyaam, Taraweeh, Eid Al-Fitr)A pillar of good Muslim character: Respect
Zakah: Charity, Hajj: PilgrimageThings that break the Salah and things that break the SiyaamRespecting parents, teachers, elders, others, yourself, nature
Muhammad (sas) becomes a ProphetDuaas for eating, drinking, sleeping, and after waking upAl-Khusoo’: The heart of worship
Early Muslims, the boycott about MuslimsMy Islamic lifestyle and Islamic hygieneThe voluntary prayers (Ad-Duhaa, Al-Witr, Al-Musafir)
The Heavenly trip: Al-Isra wal-MirajIslam in AfricaMuslims in Madina (Battle of Trench: Al-Khandaq)
The year of sadness
My Islamic character (Akhlaaq: Good manners)Story of Prophets: Hood, Saleh, Nuh, Ayyoob (as)
Stories of Ibrahim & Ismail and Ashab Al-UkhdudAppreciating Allah’s gifts (Sujood Ash-Shukr)
Story of the people of trench (Surah Al-Burooj)
Story of Prophet Shuayb
Khadijah bint Khuwaylid, Bilal, Zaid, Yasir
The four righteous caliphs

2017-2018 Academic School Year ISSD Islamic Studies Curriculum 6th-8th Grade

6th Grade7th Grade8th Grade
Belief in the unseen: Al-GhaibProphets of Islam, the messengers and their messageAllah controls the world, only Allah gives life and death
The world of Angels and JinnDeath: The gate of unseen worldShukr: Thankfulness of Allah, Allah gives and deprives wealth
Holy books and the last Holy BookSalat-ul-Janazah, life in gravePatience and perseverance in daily life
Brief history of Al-Quran, Suwar, and AyaatSigns of the Day of JudgmentAlcoholic beverages: The mother of all evils
Al-Ihsan: The excellenceHaya: Modesty, Hijab: Act of modestyPork and other haram meats
Types of JihadThe Islamic etiquette of clothingGambling and Lottery and mental drugs
Stand up and pray at night, pray in time of difficultSadaqah: The proof of goodness, Sadaqah without paying moneyAhkam-us-Siyam: The rules and regulations of Fasting
Wudoo and Taharah: Ablution and ritual cleanlinessZakah: The third pillar of Islam, rules and ethicsMubtilat-us-Siyam: The nullifiers of Fasting
At-Tahiyyat, Al-Istikharah, Duaa of QunutThe Prophet (s) reaches out to ArabiaArkaan-ul-Hajj in details
Jafar (ra) and the King of AbyssiniaKhalid ibn Al-Waleed embraces IslamGazwah Tabook: The story of the three who missed
A threat from the north (the battle of Mu’tah)Liberation of Makkah, the battle of HunaynHajjat-ul-Wadaa’: The last pilgrimage of the Prophet
Prophet Musa, Pharaoh, and QaroonProphets Dawood, Sulaiman, and the Queen of SabaProphets Zakariah, Isa, Yahya (as) and Mariam: Mother of Jesus
Contributions of Muslims to ScienceComparative Religion, Muslims in contemporary worldThe basic of Uloom-ul-Hadeeth
Muslims in contemporary world: Holidays, Christmas, Thanksgiving, HalloweenKhutbah: Sermon, the Jumuah speechThe major books of Hadeeth
Lunear calendar, Arabic numeralsKhutbah: Sermon and leadership program
Islamic Art and Calligraphy