Islamic History Curriculum

2017-2018 Academic School Year ISSD MS Islamic History Curriculum

The World in 570 CEThe Era of 1st Khalifah Abu Bakr (RA)Andalus: The Umayyad Dynasty in Spain
The Birth and Youth of Muhammad (S)The Era of 2nd Khalifah Umar (RA)Muslim Civilization
The Light of RevelationThe Era of 3rd Khalifah Uthman (RA)Fatimids and Seljuks
The Miracle of the QuranThe Era of 4th Khalifah Ali (RA)Crusaders
Islam Gains StrengthUmayyad DynastyMongols
Perseverence in the Face of HardshipAbbassid DynastyThe Ottoman Empire
Al-Israa and Al-Mi'raajThe Important Khulafa and their AccomplishmentsOverall compassion between the Muslim States
Resque from the NorthMuslim Civilization during the Umayyads and AbbasidsThe Effect of World War-I on the Muslim World
The Hijrah to MadinahThe History of Palestine's Occupation
The New Muslim Society in MadinahCurrent Events
Battle of Badr
Major Challenges in the Way
Walking through Betrayals
Battle of Al-Khandaq
Spreding Islam in Arabia and Beyond
The Ultimate Victory of Islam in Arabia