ELA Curriculum

2017-2018 Academic School Year ISSD Elementary ELA Curriculum

3rd Science4th Science
Making Inferences & PredictionsMaking Inferences & Predictions
Analyzing Story StructureAnalyzing Story Structure
Summary, Compare & ContrastSummary, Compare & Contrast
Sequence, Evaluate / Aurhor's PurposeSequence, Evaluate / Aurhor's Purpose
Tense verbs, Past & Future tense verbsVerb tenses, action verbs
Conclusion, Theme map, Problem & SolutionDrawing Conclusion, Making Judgments
Prefixes, Robust WordsPrefixes, Robust Words
Context clues, surrounding wordsContext clues, Surrounding words
Dictionary, unfamiliar wordsFact & Opinion, Character, Setting, Plot
Subjects & PredicatesSubjects & Predicates
Compound & Run on sentencesCompound & Run on sentences
Common & Proper nouns (Capitalizing)Capitalization and Punctuation
Linking & Main helping verbs, contractionsMain & helping verbs, Linking & Irregular verbs
Short vowels, Long a, e, i, oShort vowels, Long a, e, i, o
Vowels er, ir, ur, ar, or, u, oi, oyr-controlled vowels, silent letters
Words with ou, ow, plurals, alt, alk, all, oughHomophones, words with soft c and g
Homophones, words with soft c and gPersuasive Essay, Sensory Details
Focus on a Moment, Personal, NarrativesFocus on a Moment, Personal, Narratives
A single moment, An emotionA single moment, An emotion
Capitalization, Sensory, Being a writerCapitalization, Sensory, Being a writer
Dictionary, unfamiliar words, Greek roots