Islamic School of San Diego, a 503c non-profit organization, was founded by Dedicated Community members in 1992 with 3 full-time teachers and 19 students to serve K-2 grades.

Islamic School of San Diego is currently hosting grades K-8 for 2017-18 school year. Starting next year, we are adding a new facility in Allied Gardens San Diego. We are adding 9th grade this coming year then each successive year we will add another high school grade, becoming full k-12 school in 2021-22 school year. We also added a new name for the school, Bright Horizon Academy, in addition to the old one, ISSD.

The ISSD believes in providing quality education to its students and is geared towards building a positive personality that makes a difference.

Upon graduation from ISSD, all students will insha’Allah:

Implement Islam in daily life by understanding and applying the principles.

Show critical thinking, problem solving, and effective communicating skills.

Lead as active, respectful, and engaged community members.

Achieve academic proficiency and be self-motivated learners.

Make use of knowledge and technology for beneficial purposes.